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iron carbon equilibrium diagram

Iron Carbon Equilibrium Diagram with Explanation [Phase

In this article we will discuss about the Iron Carbon Equilibrium diagram, uses of equilibrium diagram, types of iron carbon equilibrium diagram...

Types of Fit – Clearance, Interference, Transition

In this article we are going to discuss about Fits, types of fits and their sub types, Classification of Fits under Newall...
Forging operations

Forging Operations – Types, Methods, Advantages, MCQs

In this article, we will discuss what is forging? How does it work? Types of forging, Operations, Advantages, Disadvantages, and more. What is...
forging defects

Types of Forging Defects – Causes & Remedies [with Images]

In this article we will discuss about What are forging defects, types of defects in forging and what are their causes and...
Cast Iron

Cast Iron – Properties, Types & Uses

What is Cast Iron ? Cast iron is an iron alloy containing 2 to 4% carbon, as well as...
Recovery Recrystallization and Grain Growth

Recovery Recrystallization and Grain Growth – Working Process

Recovery recrystallization and grain growth are microstructural changes that occur during annealing after cold plastic deformation and/or during hot working of metals.
types of constrained motion

Constrained Motion – Definition, Types, Examples, Images

What is Constrained Motion ? A constrained motion is a motion of any object which occurs when an object...
Wood Grain

Understanding Wood Grain – Detailed Overview

What is Wood Grain ? The longitudinal arrangement of wood fibers or the pattern that results from such an...
carpentry tools list

Various Carpentry Tools List & Their Uses [with Pictures]

Carpentry Tools : In order to successfully work different forms to accurate shapes and dimensions, the wood-worker must know the use of...
Types of wood joints

Most Used Types of Wood Joints & Their Uses [with Pictures]

Wood joints are very important part of woodworking. In different areas and different situations different types of wood joints are preferred. The...