Bsid login


Are you facing problem BSID login ?

Don’t worry ! I have written step by step procedure to login BSID.

You require

  • Indos Number
  • Passwords

Login to the SID portal with Your INDOS number and the Password , follow below steps.

# Step 1. Click on the link :-

# Step 2. A page will open like shown below :-

In the right side of above figure you will see the below figure.

Bsid login

In the above figure of your dgshipping portal ,fill

  • Indos Number
  • Your Indos Password
  • Fill catch

After that Click on login.

Now, a page will open.

You will show so many Menu on the Left Side of above figure.

For Checking SID ,You will show a menu SID checker.

Click on the SID Checker.

A page will open shown in below.

Put your SID number.

Thus,you can login BSID.

If you don’t apply for BSID ,you can apply by clicking menu Apply for SID IN THE figure shown above.

Or when you login in your indos,you will see figure

Click on Apply For SID.

Step by Step bt Step procedure for applying SID :- Click Here