Cargo Tanks Types Of Chemical Tanker

1.Integral Tank :- These Tanks Firms The Part Of Ship Hull And May Be Structured In Severe Manner And By Same Load Which Stress And Contiguous Structure.An Integral Tank Is Essential To Structural Completeness Of Hull.

2.Independent Tank :- These Tanks Are Not Part Of Hull Structure.An Independent Tank Is Built And Installed So As To Eliminate Whenever Profile ( Or In Any Event,To minimize ) it’s Stressing As a Result Of Stressing Or Motion Of Adjacent Hull Structure.

–Not Essential To Completeness Of Ship’s Structure.

3.Pressure Tank :- Tanks Having Designed Pressure Greater Than 0.7 Kg sq./c.m. at Top Of Tank.

Not Common On Chemical Tanker. ( GENERALLY on LPG and LNG Tankers )

4.Gravity Tank :- Tanks Having Designed Pressure Not Greater Than 0.7 khaq./ c.m.

—Can Be Integral Or Independent.

— A Chemical Tanker Usually Gravity Type.


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