Advanced Strength of Materials Books

Advanced Strength of Materials Books (Dover Civil and Mechanical Engineering ) Do You want to Buy Or Download Pdf...

Internal combustion engine

Heat engine engine is a device which transforms chemical energy of fuel and thermal energy to produce mechanical work engine normally convert thermal energy...

Arithmetic Aptitude

Arithmetic Aptitude Arithmetic Aptitude 1 Arithmetic Aptitude 2 Arithmetic Aptitude 3 Arithmetic Aptitude 4

Why emergency generator is putron forward and aft direction ?

Because in the direction of port -stbd direction,if the ship is listed to 22 1/2 degree ,then shaft will bend and lube oil in...

Gear Pump Questions with Answers

What is gear pump ? What is the basic structure and principle of a gear pump?

Deadband of governor

Deadband of governor is defined as it is the range of speed,only after which governor starts responding. Or

What is the ship slip

What is the Ship Slip? Ship slip is the difference between the speed of the Engine and...


TankerClassification:-4 types of tanker are recognised as:-Type A:- Oil tanker intended for the carriage in bulk of non boiling oil cargoes having a flash...

Logical Reasoning

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Mol Shipping Interview Questions

MOL ( Mitsui osk lines ) interviews questions asked during interviews by interviewer are shown here:- List of questions MOL ( Mitsui OSK lines ) 1.What...