Engine Lubrication by means of oil is primarily used to reduce friction between moving parts and dissipate heat,in this animation we want to describe wet sump lubrication using a four stroke engine with only one cylinder, in this blog we want to describe wet sump lubrication using a four stroke engine with only one cylinder, in the lower area of the engine is the oil sump in which the oil can be found,the oil pump is responsible for pumping oil through oil galleries,when oil has become very hot after several cycles IT is cooled by an oil cooler,the oil was then  to the oil filter,inside the oil filter is a filter that captures the particles in the oil does not allow them to pass through to the engine,athe oil flows from the outside into the oil filter then run through the filter which is made invisible here and flows through the centre to vent the oil flowed upward on, and the oil flow to the engine where IT is used to lubricate the crankshaft bearings, in four stroke engine crankshaft bearings are almost always plain bearing,unlike roller bearings which use roller elements to move the inner and outer ring against each other plain bearings use oil to form a lubricating film,the lubricating films created by the two contact surfaces that move,the crankshaft has oil galleries to that the connecting rod bearing can be supplied with oil,in diesel engines as the connecting rod can also have an oil gallery to use the oil for cooling and lubricating the piston and the piston pin,for gasoline engines on the other hand the oil which blasted out of the sides of the bearing is used to cool in the lubricate the piston pin and cylinder, holes can also help to transport the oil to the desired parts in spontaneous and action,and,the piston has one or two compression rings and one oil scraper ring the oil scraper ring is responsible for controlling the oil balance of the piston in the compression rings,fres oil flowed inward through holes especially when the piston is running down then the oil can drain down from the piston into the oil sump,furthermore the oil response to the camshaft bearings rocker arms and valves in order to reduce friction and heat,from here the oil flowed into the oil sump the oil galleries.


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