10.Freeboard on Oil Tankers have less freeboard than General Cargo ships of
similar length for several reasons, six of them being:

1). Smaller deck openings in the Upper Deck.
2). Greater sub-division by transverse and longitudinal bulkheads.
3). Density of cargo oil is less than grain cargo.
4). Much larger and better pumping arrangements on tankers to control any
ingress of bilge water.
5). Permeability for an oil-filled tank is only about 5% compared to permeability
of a grain cargo hold of 60-65%. Hence ingress of water in a
bilged compartment will be much less.
6). Larger Transverse Metacentric Height (GMT) values for an Oil Tanker,
especially for modern wide shallow draft tanker designs

11.free surface effect (exact definition)


13.6 degree of motion

14. Annex4 (can v discharge in local port)

15.What is top loading?

16.Pumproom safety as per solas

17.Explosimeter working

18.What is slip and theoretical speed ? How to calculate theoritical speed?

19.Why block coefficent calculated?

20.Sewage discharge criteria? why 3 nautical more from nearest land ?


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