21.Crankcase inspection

22 . enclosed space entry

23.purifier vibration reason

24.Reversing interlock

25.Xhead lubrication

Function 4b n 6
26.How differ metric thread, BSP and national thread i.e. American thread?

27.How to place order for stud?

28.What is hydrazine why use it? what other precaution than this for feed water system?

29.How to check strength of bolt?

30.What happens in purifier when desludging water opens? How it get seat? (I told because of centrufugal force but not convinced)

31.How nitrite chemical protects in jacket water cooling system? what it protects?

32.Generator engine big end bearing worn out of one unit reasons?

33.Fuel pump timing is advanced effects?

34.2 stroke timing diagram and corresponding Indicator diagram

35.Fuel injector pressure test
Fuel pump of aux engine supply pressure

36. stern tube diagram

37. 4s vlve timing md wat if turbocahrged nd overlap how much

38.refrigeration diagram 4) explain unloader

39. how to inceease fuel p/p timing in ae fuel p/p

40. exhaust temp of one unir is high wat are the reasons

41. Turbochrnger surging in me

42. Purifier ovwrflow reasons.


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