drive electrical motor power is not directly transmitted to purifier SHAFT.

  it actually transmitted by means of friction clutch arrangement.
the motor shaft is equipped with friction Boss.
outside of the friction boss is equipped with friction friction block.
the friction Boss along with friction block is equipped inside a friction pulley which is directly connected to the horizontal shaft.
 the centre portion of the friction block are inserted into slots of the friction boss and are free to slide out ward.
as the motor rotates the friction block lining under the action of centrifugal force is pressed against the inside of the friction Pulley.
slip occurs between friction Pulley and lining and driving force is transmitted to friction pulley.
Thus although the motor after startup attains its rated speed instantly,but the friction pulley and hence the horizontal shaft speed inceeases slowly.
this arrangement  prevent over loading of motor .
The horizontal shaft is fitted with worm wheel will which has a spiral Gear on its outer Periphery.this  spiral gear turns the  pinion of vertical shaft rotates. 


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