CDC means Continuous Discharge Certificate.The first document you need as an Indian Seafarer to set sail on your ship is a CDC (Continous Discharge Certificate) beside Passport.

Document Required


◆5 STCW Certificates.


◆10 th Passing Certificate

To Read Continuous Discharge Cerificate (CDC) Rule 2001 Click on below link.


CheckYour INDOS It is Updated Or Not.To check Your INDOS Click On Below Link.

A New page Of INDOS Checker, Open.

Website Link :-

Check your INDOS, if it is not updated or registered, then the screen below will be displayed, but if you registered, skip it.

Register Yourself

To register follow given instructions. – – ->e-governance(on righthand side) – – -> Seafarer Registration(New)

When you click in the link of dgshipping,the new page will open look like shown below.

e-governance(on righthand side)

Click On e-governance

Seafarer Registration(New)

You will be taken to a website after clicking on it, where you must enter your INDOS and some personal details, such as your height, eye colour, address, qualification etc.They will send you your userid and password to access e-governance, after registration.

The username is your indos number and password is usually your indos number but you have to add digit “1” at the end . For example indos no is 16SL0589 ,so your password will be 16SL05891 but first please register.



Once your user ID and your password have been obtained, log in to e-Governance and choose the option “CDC Management and COC as Cook” Option.

After clicking that you will be taken to page where you have to select “CDC Application” the first option and select submit

After clicking on continue, Now You will be taken to page where all the information will be there as per INDOS.

Note :- Click fill up all the details that will be marked with (*).

But there are few colums where you have to fill information like NEXT OF KIN. Here you will have to enter the name of your parents, guradian, wife etc with their adress and contact number.

After that,You will have to enter details of the medical certificate such as doctor’s name, doctor’s registration number, etc. Which You Can Find It easily On Medical Certificate.

You Will now Have to Pay Rs.700 with your debit or credit card and then ask you to upload your documents such as your passport, 10th passing certificate, aadhar card, medical Fitness Certificate.



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