Air compressor is used for production of compressed air and this compressed air is used on ship to start the main engine and services also.

To increase air compressor efficiency we need to carried out following steps :

  1. From veg room in ship,an air duct can be brought for providing cool air which will increase the volume of air intake and hence efficiency will increase.
  2. The suction and discharge valve of compressor will be renewed at time.
  3. The quantity of lube oil of compressor maintained properly that means not to be less and not more.
  4. Intercooler to be cleaned regularly.
  5. A manometer to be placed on inlet and outlet of air which is used to find pressure drop across the cooler.
  6. The cooling water pump placed for better flow of water.
  7. Oil separator of compressor must be cleaned on time.
  8. The solenoid valve operated electronically must be overhauled on time.
  9. Non-return valve to be overhauled on time.

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