1.Centrifugal Pump :-These Pumps ●Consist Of Impeller and Volute Casing.

●The Impeller Rotates At Very High Speed and Displaces Liquid At Outer Periphery And Impact Kinetic Energy To Liquid.

●When This Liquid Reaches Volute Casing Of Increasing Area Due To Which Kinetic Energy Of Liquid and Pressure Increases In This Way Liquid Reaches To Discharge.

●Due To This Discharge Of Liquid a Suction Is Created At Eye Of Impeller Which Causes The Flow Of Liquid From Tank To Eye Of Impeller.

●But These Cannot Create Suction If Pump Is not Primed (These Pump Are Not Self Priming Pump )

NOTE:- Submersible Pumps Are Generally Centrifugal Pump Used To Cargo Stripping Purposes.

2.Gear Pump :-

These Are Positive Displacement Pump And Are Self Primming.

●It Consist Of Counter Rotating Gear Wheels.

●The Fluid Or Air Is Taken From The Inlet Of Increasing Volume Cavity And Thrown Out Towards Outlet Of Decreasing Volume Chamber.

●Capable Of Provide Moderate Volume But At Higher Pressure.

●It Should Never Be Operated Under Closed Discharge Valve.

3.Reciprocating pump :-

These pumps Are Positive Displacement Pump.

These Are Self Priming Pump.

When Piston Moves From TDC To BDC Suction created.

When Piston Moves From BDC To TDC ,LIQUID Is Pumped To A Set Pressure And then Discharge Through Discharge Valve.

4.Submerged Pumps :- Submerged Pumps Are Relatively Common On Chemical Tanker.

These Types Of Pumps Is Usually Powered Hydraulically Or Electrically and Provides For A Pump Located In Each Tank.
These Pumps Are Purged Using Inert Gas Or Air As Awareness Of Checking For Seal Conditions And Tightness.
These Must Be Purged After Every Discharging /Loading Operations.

5.Educators :- It May Be Used For Ballast Striiping Purpose.To Strip Efficiently , an Eductors Used For Tank Cleaning Operation, Should Have Capacity Of About Twice The Rule Of Liquid Being Introduced To Tanks.


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