Salino meter is a device which measures the impurity of water.The conductivity of water can be continuously tested by the salinometer.If the device registers an excess of salinity ,it can dump the product using a solenoid valve and simultaneously activate the alarm.


-main use is to find the salinity of fresh water which should be used be under 15 ppm
-the condensate present in the condenser is basically fresh water that is to be passed to fresh water storage tank or the bolege depending on the salinity .

Now this fresh water is present in the condensate trap from here it is passed to salinometer.which will operate a 3-way valve .

Now ,in salinomete circuit ,there is an electrode cell which consists of the sample of condensate water .

Now it is clear that if this fresh water sample contains salt ,it will be conducting solution .This electrode is connected to the electric circuit as shown in the figure.

Now,if the  f.w does not contain the salt ,there will be no current flowing and reading in the saloniometer gauge(analog meter) will be zero.
But in case of presence of salt,the current will be flowing and in accordance with the current ,the ppm reading will be calibrated in the analog meter


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