Shipping company interview questions is written in this article which is asked by TME cadet in shipping company interviews.

This article is designed to offer all students an insight into how,and what kind of questions the Shipping Companies ask during the interview or in the written test. In this article, I collected questions related to personal data. So,let’s see what we have here in this article.

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Trainee Maine Engineer Interview Questions

Shipping Companies interview questions

1.Tell me about yourself ?
2.why should I hire you ?
3.what are your strength and weakness?
4. why do you want to work at our company ?
5.what is the difference between confidence and overconfidence ?
6.what is the difference between hard work and smart work ? do you feel at about working at night and weekend ?
8.can you work under pressure ?
9.what are your goals ?
10.what motivates you to do job ?

11.what makes you angry ?

12give me an example of your creativity?



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