Questions asked in Synergy from me
13.identification of Valves
Hydraulic valves , Pneumatic v/v , Solenoid v/v .

14. Identification of pumps
Variable delivery and fixed delivery
Names of variable delivery pumps.

15. Identification of electrical symbols and circuits.

16. Questions on multimeter
Like how will you check fuse and all

17. What new features have been included in propeller to reduce losses

18. What are the losses in propeller

19. What are the new technologies and systems that are being used on ship

20. Some general knowledge about marine field

21. What extra curricular activities have you done.

22. Identification of IC engine components and type of scavenging happening in the given diagram.

23. Some personal questions
Why marine?

About father, mother and siblings

24. Questions on centrifugal pump and identification of wear ring , mechanical seal, gasket, impeller , key, gland packing , coupling and all

25. Questions on welding
Faults in welding
Flux coating
Transformer used in welding

26.Sabse jyada important hai line diagram and engineering drawing reading .


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