Questions ask ed by synergy to me.
48. Introduction
49. Which batch of dmet, 10th,12th marks
50. Modern development and technology used on ship
51. Electrical distribution system of ship

52. Induction motor cross sectional diagram(identification). Work of lip seal in it.
53. 4 ram steering gear system(identification). Work of pressure relief valve in it.
54. Centrifugal pump diagram(identification) any four.

55.Ship’s refrigeration system.

How solenoid valve is controlled.

How tev is controlled.

How replanishing refrigerant is filled up(which v/v to open and which to close)*ship’s refrigeration system.

psychometric test *spatial reasoning 10 questions and discussion with the psycologist and then 36 questions more with time limit of nearly 50 minutes*

Synergy Exam Test Series


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