Tank cleaning:- The process of removing vapors, fluids or residues of hydrocarbons. For one or more of the following reasons, tank cleaning may be needed:

1.To carry ballast clean.

2.For inner inspections, repairs or before entering the dry dock, gas-free tanks.

3. To remove sediments from the top plating of the tank. This may be necessary if the ship is involved in repetitive fuel oil carriage or comparable cargo settling sediment.

Although, it may not be essential to wash between successive trips, assuming the cargo is consistent, many ship owners discovered it prudent to wash a tiny group of tanks on a rotational basis between trips, thus preventing big accumulation of sediments

Tank cleaning procedure

*cleaning of tank is usually the responsibility of the ship.

* The tank cleaning have different standards depending upon previous cargo and cargo to be loaded.

* cleaning procedure involved for majority of cargo in the mechemical water washing of tank using the mechanically rotated steam sprays.

* If some cargo requires further cleaning by chemical agents then there should also be followed by a mechanical water washing .

safety precaution to

◆Prior to commencing tank cleaning procedure it is important to check with p and A manual and paint manufacturers coating resistance lost.

◆ ascertain the tank coating materials and any limitation with regard to temperature , use of cleaning chemicals which may be applias to tank.

◆it is important to drain the tank as much as possible in order to deliver all cargo and to reduce pollution of sea absolute minimum


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