Types of Tanker

In this Article ,I have written about types of Tanker.

Before starting types of tanker we talk about tanker.


These are related to the publication 92 of the International Electrotechnical Commission ( IEC ).

The object of all such guidance is to prevent the hazards of fire and explosion occurring on board these rank ships.

Spaces in tankers where explosive gas air mixture may be expected to be present are called dangerous or hazardous.

4 types of tankers are recognised aa :-

Type A :-Oil tanker intended for the carriage in bulk of non – boiling oil cargoes having a flash point of 60 degree or less.

It includes crude oil carriers, gasoline carriers etc.

Type B :-Carriage in bulk of non boiling cargoes having a flash point (closed test ) in the excess of 60 degree Celsius.

It includes carrying Bituminous or Asphalt products or for carrying diesel or fuel oils.

Type C :- Carriage in bulk of LPG or LNG.

Type D :- Carriage in bulk of other flammable liquid cargoes .

Potentially more dangerous than Type A or Type C tankers.and those products exhibit chemical instability.


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