What are the causes for low fresh water production in fresh water generator?

The Causes for low fresh water production in fresh water generator are :-

1. Ships draft is less

2. level of brine is too high

3.Filter before ejector pump is dirty .

4. Faulty ejector pump- not developing enough pressure

5. Faulty Ejector nozzle/ nozzle chocked

6. Incorrect feed

7. scale formation in evaporator

8. shell temperature is too high

9. scale formation in condenser

10.condenser cooling water flow is reduced

11. Condenser cooling water temp. too high

12.Incorrect assembly of plates

13. Leakage in plant like from pressure gauge, vent, distillate pump seal etc.

14. Distillate pump faulty

15.Faulty flow meter

16. Faulty solenoid valve


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