Why co2 cylinder gas is used inflating life raft ?

CO2 is generally used to inflate life rafts and inflatable life jackets because it is an inert, non-flammable, low-cost gas easily produced and inexpensive to manufacture worldwide.

Now ,one more question is why co2 bottle contains No2 in a life raft.

Inert means non-reactive gas. By Contrasr air, which comprises O2, can oxidize metal parts over time.

For an alternative, nitrogen, another inert gas, can be used to inflate life jackets or life rafts.

Why it is used in co2 cylinder ?

CO2 gas containing a small percentage of NITROGEN gas is used as nitrogen acts as an anti-freezing agent since the CO2 freezing point is -78 ° C, which means that it can inflate life raft even at -30 ° C .It prevents freezing at low temperatures, and is thus a precautionary measure.



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